Partner With Us

A Partner. A Collaborator. TCP is highly experienced at working with individuals, families and management teams as they navigate the many challenges involved in transitioning businesses to the next chapter in its history. We offer you flexible transaction structures that fit your needs, whether through a full or partial sale of the company. We do not burden companies with debt to the extent where operating decisions are dictated by principal and interest payments.

We are patient investors with a long term investment horizon. We encourage a long-term perspective by properly aligning incentives between all partners, including our founder partners who typically retain a significant stake in the company. We motivate our key managers by providing them with performance based compensation, long-term equity incentives and the opportunity to reap the financial rewards of growing industry-leading companies.

After closing, we want you to focus on what you do best, while we bring our years of experience in operating and growing middle market companies to assist you and your management team. We provide you with strategic, financial and operating support to address your unique requirements and opportunities. We work with you to selectively augment and strengthen the management team and provide access to industry-leading board members and advisors. We provide ongoing capital support for organic growth opportunities and can facilitate key strategic acquisitions that create long term value for the Company. As a result of our collaboration, your company will be transformed into a larger, well-managed, more diversified and more valuable organization.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner of Transition Capital Partners, please contact Jason Faucett at or (214) 978-3812.